New Scout, Welcome to Troop 102!


Baden Powell once said, “Scouting is not a Sunday School, or a tennis club, but a school of the woods.”

We are excited that you have come to our boy-led Troop, and want you to know that we are here to help you grow in Scouting. Boy Scouts is unlike Webelos because you are in charge of your goals. We will help you in the beginning, but as you grow and learn, you will become responsible for yourself on the path to Eagle. 


You will find that just as in Webelos, you will receive lots of papers with announcements and fundraisers. Fortunately, we have a Troop website This is a great place to look if you are wondering when an outing is, or if you can have a board of review, or to contact a leader. We are still updating the website, and are open to any ideas you have.


Troop 102 does have a discipline policy which we require you to review and sign each year with your parents. It is attached to this letter, and helps you understand the formal requirements that we live by in Troop 102.




Boys will be boys...and so will a lot of middle-aged men.
Kin Hubbard


We hope that your son enjoys Scouting as much as Scouting enjoys having him as a member. Scouting is not just for our youth, it is for adults as well. Our Troop is blessed with a dedicated group of parents and adult leaders. But as our boys grow up and become young adults ready to venture into the world on their own and taking with them the skills they learned in Scouting, some of our leaders move on as well. Last year, we “graduated” many of our Eagle Scouts and their peers and their very active parents. Demographically, this will continue. For those of you whom are actively involved with the Troop, we thank you; if you’re not yet involved, we can always use adult help, even if it is for only one event each year.


The following pages will help you to understand a bit more about the Troop 102 organization and structure. The poem on the next page is from my first Scoutmaster, and is something we could all read and try to live by.


Yours in Scouting

Randy Jesberg

Scoutmaster, Troop 102



It is my duty as a Scout

To make this a better world throughout

With God’s help I will succeed

For He prevails in time of need.


With guidance from Mother and from Dad

Who know the rights from wrongs-

the good and bad

I’ll do my best and make them proud

When I become an Eagle Scout.


What I learn in my scouting days

Will help in the future in many ways.

I’ll know my country and for what it stands

And always be ready with helping hands.


And now, dear parent, may I ask

Will helping me be such a task?

I know it won’t and I’m grateful too

Because for a family, God gave me you.



Joseph G. Lier

Troop 255, Frankenmuth, MI


The following is provided to each family as a way to inform you of specific items related to Lowell Troop 102. The Troop Committee and Scoutmaster invite your comments, questions, and concerns at any time.




The Lowell First United Methodist Church has chartered Troop 102 since the Troop’s inception in 1942. Troop 102 is an extension of the UMC’s community family organizations. The UMC is the chartering organization, and therefore ‘owns’ the number, all of the Troop’s equipment, and is responsible for the lease of the Scout Cabin which has been used by Troop 102 since 1952.




Lowell First United Methodist Church, as the chartering organization, provides support for the Troop in the form of meeting location, program ideas, and personnel resources.


The Troop Committee provides leadership for financial operations and administrative operations. The Scoutmaster and Patrol Leaders Council are responsible for the program plant content for the Troop. The Troop Leadership is committed to upholding the principles of the Boy Scouts of America including the ideals of the Scout Oath and Scout Law.


It is a fact the “many hands make light work.” The Troop leadership has an open invitation to parents and guardians to attend the weekly Troop meetings, outdoor events, and summer camp. The Troop leadership is made up of adults committed to keeping the Troop in good standing.


Please turn to the Troop roster for current active Scouts and Leaders of Troop 102. As mentioned previously, all comments, questions, and concerns are welcome.




Each Troop consists of many adult leaders forming a delegated organization committed to providing the best program possible. This organization consists of Troop Leadership, and a committee to support the Troop. These positions are as follows:



Assistant Scoutmasters

Committee Chair

Committee Members



Outdoor Chair

Troop Chaplain

Equipment Chair

Cabin Chair

Training Chair

Advancement Chair






Each Scout has an account in his name. The Scout’s participation in the various Troop fund-raisers will be reflected in his personal account. The Troop’s fund-raisers include: Trails End Popcorn, Sub Sandwich sales, 4H Fair parking, and the ‘World Famous Chicken Bar-B-Que.’ The only fund-raiser that is mandatory for Scouts to work is the Chicken BBQ, as this pays for cabin insurance and utilities. Other fund-raisers may be implemented as necessary. This year, 2010, re-chartering is $18 for everyone.




Mr. Bill Nowak served as Scoutmaster of Troop 102 for many years. Through his leadership the Troop was very successful. Many Scouts earned Scouting’s highest award, the rank of Eagle Scout under Mr. Nowak. You will find many people in the community impacted by Mr. Nowak, including some leaders who were Scouts under Bill Nowak.


In memory of ‘Mr. Bill,’ and his contributions to Scouting, Troop 102 presents the ‘Bill Nowak Scout of the Year’ to the Scout who exemplifies the spirit of Scouting. Please turn to the guideline at the end of the booklet for specific information.




The Troop encourages advancement for all Scouts. Adults work with each patrol to provide instruction for advancement requirements. The Troop also supports and encourages First Class First Year for new Scouts.


A dedicated group of adults serve as Merit Badge Counselors. During the school year, any Scout who has attained the rank of Second Class can begin earning merit badges. At summer camp, any Scout, regardless of rank, can work on and earn merit badges. The Scouts can also work on merit badges during the weekly Monday night Troop meetings, or by contacting a counselor and setting up an appointment. The Scout must have approval from the Scoutmaster to begin any or 120 different badges. One-Hundred and twenty merit badges provide an excellent opportunity to help boys explore the world, and provide an excellent opportunity to for adults with limited time to volunteer in the community. We encourage you to contact the Committee Chairperson to become a counselor.














The Troop meets from September through June at the Scout Cabin, located on North Washington St. in Lowell. There are only a few Scout Troops that have such a unique meeting place for boys. The Troop is required to do all building and grounds maintenance. This also provides an opportunity for those with limited time to provide community service through an occasional plumbing, electrical, or general maintenance issue as they may arise. It is also necessary to mow the grounds during the summer, and if a family can mow or trim around the cabin, it is a greatly-appreciated help!

During the winter months the general rule is “No School in Lowell-No Scouts,” unless an exception arises. Due to safety, the Troop requires that the boys wear boots in the winter, and be prepared for outdoor activities, and during the summer wear ‘closed toed shoes.’





Troop 102 has instituted a policy guideline which requires each Scout to review and sign with a parent or guardian. This policy has been put in place to avoid confusion about some behavioral requirements, and as a guide for potential disciplinary issues. Please refer to the end of the booklet or the Troop website for the guideline.




The Troop requests that each Scout fill out a BSA Class 1 Health form each year. This health for is for short term activities, and helps Troop leaders expedite care in the unfortunate event of an injury or illness. Long term camping such as summer camp requires a Class 3 health form, and as of January, 1 2010 must be renewed according to BSA National policy. If the parent desires, this form can be filled out along with school sports medical forms to help alleviate costs. Please refer to the end of the booklet or the Troop website for the health form.
















The Scoutmaster and his assistants must submit the names of the Scouts who qualify for the award to the Troop Board of Review for review. To qualify, a Scout must meet the following guidelines.




Must be active in Troop 102 for a minimum of one (1) year beginning April 1.

Must have attended a minimum of 70% of Troop meetings, beginning April 1 of the preceding year.

Must have attended a minimum of 50% of all Troop activities, including a two (2) campouts, beginning April 1 of the preceding year.


Scout must have advanced one (1) rank in the year of nomination or two (2) if working on the rank of Eagle Scout.

If working on Eagle Scout, the Scout must have earned three (3) merit badges.


Must show consistency in the performance of Scouting activities, exemplifying the attained rank to fellow Scouts and adult leaders.


Must show the ability to live within the Scout Oath and Law in and out of Scouting


Each candidate will go before the Troop Board of Review. The Board shall consist of five members chosen by the Committee Chair, and will vote upon a recipient after interviewing all eligible candidates.